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Who We Serve

PEI advises both private and public entities throughout the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our Team...An Extension of Your Team

We act as your co-fiduciary in order to guide you toward meeting the goals and objectives of your defined contribution plan, defined benefit plan, endowment/foundation or other institutional investment pool of capital.

Defined Contribution Plans

PEI works with 401(k), 403(b), 401(a) and 457 plan sponsors to build and maintain effective retirement programs. These plans are designed around driving participant outcomes in reaching retirement readiness, while insulating plan committees from fiduciary liability. Core services include:

Defined Benefit Plans

Whether your plan is open/accruing, frozen, in a de-risking phase and/or scheduled for termination, PEI provides the roadmap to meet your goals. We then work with your committee, investment manager(s), plan actuary and other service providers to ensure all parties are striving cohesively toward the same objective. Some core services include:

Non-Qualified Executive Compensation

Depending on the role your non-qualified plan plays in your overall benefits and executive compensation program, PEI can provide the support needed to ensure the most efficient informal funding approach is utilized and that the design is effective in recruiting, rewarding and retaining key employees.

Growth, Income and Operating Portfolios

PEI guides you toward meeting your portfolio objectives by recommending a diversified portfolio of best-of-breed investment managers—one constructed to meet your unique risk/return targets in as cost effective a manner as possible.

Endowments / Foundations

PEI has been honored to work with mission-oriented organizations throughout our long history. We have assisted these clients with developing investment strategies that support their long-term objectives, while allowing them to maintain their mission’s growth. Some core services include:

Health and Welfare Funds

As a trustee of this important fringe benefit, it is your duty and obligation to ensure the benefits you have worked so hard for through the collectively-bargained process are being managed prudently and effectively and are producing the desired results. PEI works with you to ensure that the benefit program you offer will deliver on the promises you have made to your members and their families. Some core services include:

Supplemental Unemployment Funds

You established this fund to serve as a safety net for your members whose employment is terminated involuntarily due to a lack of work or a reduction in workforce. PEI is here to support your trustees in establishing a prudent and sound philosophy for carrying out those objectives, so that the benefits are there when they are needed most. Some core services include:

Education Funds

Having a well-educated and trained workforce gives your union a competitive advantage over non-union workers. PEI guides your board in defining these goals and objectives in order to ensure you can carry out its mission of providing continuous education and training. Some core services include: