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Marcia Peters, CFA, will be Speaking at the Sixth Annual Pennsylvania Institutional Forum

On November 6th, Marcia Peters, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, will be speaking at the Sixth Annual Pennsylvania Institutional Investor Forum at the Le Méridien Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. Marcia will be a panelist discussing the macro outlook and global asset allocation decisions.

As per the Agenda:

“A low-growth, high-volatility environment gives more power to an argument for diversification among wide arrays of asset classes. While many funds appropriately tend not to change asset allocations as result of near-term or even intermediate risks, are they positioning portions of the portfolio–or even sub-strategies within allocations–for the likelihood of significant fiscal stimulus, deregulation, potential protectionist policies and/or currency impacts? The panelists will discuss how they are thinking (and what they are doing) regarding their strategic asset allocation and portfolio positioning.”

For additional information, or to request the full agenda, click here.