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Manager Search and Selection

Quantitative and qualitative screening techniques are employed to arrive at a short list of candidates. More importantly, knowledge of the client’s objectives and circumstances as well as knowledge of the universe of viable investments available for consideration goes hand in hand. The thoroughness of our due diligence process focuses on understanding how an investment manager will perform in different market environments. The integrity and effectiveness of our approach can identify key risks and drive desired outcomes. Our guidance will create a path to make clear and prudent decisions.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Maintain a large, credentialed, and experienced research team that utilizes a proprietary due diligence process to evaluate managers
  • Routinely conduct over 150 manager meetings each year
  • Maintain quarterly contact with all managers utilized by clients
  • Include a formal RFI and conduct investment manager interviews before final analysis is provided
  • Pay strong attention to risk assessment and controls
  • Ensure fair and accurate comparisons by requiring investment managers to complete our comprehensive questionnaires to access key issues (staff turnover, portfolio composition, risk, fee structure, and compliance
  • Employ attribution analysis to identify and analyze the source of portfolio returns