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Investment Manager Alerts

PEI has a comprehensive, prudent process that ensures fiduciaries fulfill the duty to actively monitor and evaluate investments. This process provides PEI’s clients with several due diligence documents including PEI Investment Alerts and PEI Investment Research.

As part of an ongoing investment monitoring and evaluation process, PEI’s investment alerts inform fiduciaries of important events that materially affect the plan’s investment. These events include significant changes in the investment management team, sub-advisor, classification, investment process, structure, and ongoing operation of the investment firm. These alerts are shared electronically, communicated during Investment Committee meetings, and recorded in the performance & monitoring reports.

PEI’s dedicated Research Group continuously publishes articles on the due diligence they have personally conducted on investment managers. The Research Group also writes insightful articles on industry issues and trends that are relevant to plan fiduciaries. This research is a core part of PEI’s consulting services and is designed to help our clients make informed decisions.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Maintain a large, credentialed, and experienced Research Group that conducts its own investment due diligence
  • Produce forward-thinking research and analysis that has been published in respected journals and magazines
  • Utilize our well-established relationships with investment managers and service providers to help keep our clients updated and informed