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Topical pieces on the industry, ranging from in-depth analysis on investment managers to primers covering the industry landscape.

Plan Checkup for Maximizing Outcomes

Plan Sponsors have a lot on their plates. Not only must they focus on providing competitive employee benefits, but also protecting themselves against potential litigation. For many, plan responsibilities are among several competing corporate responsibilities, all rightfully demanding full and complete attention. Plan committees must work efficiently and effectively to fulfill all of their plan […]

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The Benefits of Enacting a Plan Sponsor Philosophy

Overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list, including the perpetual need to meet a number of ERISA regulatory obligations, plan fiduciaries often lose sight of the foundation for sponsoring a retirement plan: its purpose. Enacting a Plan Sponsor Philosophy is an effective way for committee members to remind themselves of this basic goal. Unlike a Committee […]

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A Framework for Key Recordkeeping Fee Decisions

Americans held nearly $9 trillion in defined contribution plan assets as of the end of 2019—a figure that has doubled in the last ten years. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), there are 662,829 defined contribution retirement plans in the U.S., covering more than 100 million total participants. With figures like these, it should come as no surprise that these plans receive a lot of attention and scrutiny, or that plan fiduciaries are on alert to the potential target that is on their backs. Plan sponsor surveys consistently rank plan fees as a primary area of focus for plan fiduciaries.

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