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Regulatory Updates

Periodic updates communicating important regulatory developments to plan sponsors, including those provided by ERISA and other governing bodies.

Higher Education Loan Payment and Enhanced Retirement (HELPER) Act

The Higher Education Loan Payment and Enhanced Retirement (HELPER) Act was introduced in the Senate, designed to assist Americans with student loan debt, and save for retirement. The Act would permit an annual tax-free, penalty-free withdrawal of up to $5,250 from a qualified retirement plan or IRA to pay for college or pay back student […]

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RMD Calculation Changes

The IRS has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking providing guidance regarding the life expectancy and distribution tables used to calculate minimum required distributions from IRAs, qualified retirement plans as well as other “tax-favored” employer sponsored retirement plans. The proposed tables would use longer life expectancies than those in the existing regulations, based on mortality […]

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Compliance Checklist for 2020

As the close of 2019 draws nearer, PEI would like to remind you of some important dates for the coming new year. Click here for PEI’s 2020 Compliance Checklist and stay aware of the important dates defined contribution plan sponsors should know for meeting regulatory compliance.

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