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Articles covering relevant trends we are seeing in the industry and how they may impact your retirement plan and/or investment portfolio.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Retirement Income Adequacy

Evidence From EBRI’s Retirement Security Projection Model® EBRI explored the aggregate potential impact of the 2020 market crisis as well as assumptions with respect to future employee and employer behavior in response to the current situation and potential decreases in defined contribution eligibility arising from increased unemployment. The combined impact of all intermediate assumptions (including […]

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1Q 2020 Target-Date Fund Trends

Each year, PEI conducts a comprehensive review of the glide paths utilized by the leading industry providers of Target Date Fund (TDF) strategies. We base our analysis on responses to our Request for Information (RFI) distributed to these providers. The RFI responses, along with our regular due diligence meetings and calls, give PEI a great […]

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Reacting to COVID-19 Post CARES Act

Sharing updated observations since the enactment of the CARES Act. Call volumes picked up at the height of market volatility, but few participants took action At the height of market volatility, recordkeepers reported that service center call volumes increased by up to 30% and that the average call length was up significantly, increasing more so […]

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