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DC Industry Insights

Articles covering relevant trends we are seeing in the industry and how they may impact your retirement plan and/or investment portfolio.

Retirees in Profile: Evaluating Five Distinct Lifestyles in Retirement

As approximately 70 million Baby Boomers make their way into and through retirement, increased attention is being given to how they approach retirement spending as well as what constitutes a satisfactory lifestyle in retirement. One thing is clear: There is little homogeneity when it comes to the path retirees navigate. Factors such as available assets […]

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Why Do People Spend the Way They Do in Retirement?

Findings from EBRI’s Spending in Retirement Survey The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI’s) Spending in Retirement Survey queried 2,000 individuals ages 62 to 75 about their spending habits and their situation at and during retirement. Ninety-seven percent reported being retired; 80 percent reported their spouse/partner being retired. The mean number of years respondents reported being […]

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Observations on the Current State of Stable Value Funds

Following the financial crisis in 2008, there were some questions about the role stable value would continue to play as a capital preservation option in defined contribution plans. A few managers and wrap providers exited the business, while the remaining wrap providers increased fees to cover the additional perceived risk. Since that time, the industry […]

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