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DC Industry Insights

Articles covering relevant trends we are seeing in the industry and how they may impact your retirement plan and/or investment portfolio.

Student Loan Debt: Trends and Implications

One of the most pressing issues for American families is the growing cost of higher education. Consequently, given this increasing cost, more American families are taking on student loan debt. EBRI examined the incidence of student loan debt among American families including trends going back to 1992. Furthermore, the amount of outstanding student loan debt […]

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Emergency Savings: The Reality of Workers’ Liquid Savings

An important factor for a family’s financial well-being is the ability to cover unexpected expenses, such as a car or furnace repair, or something even more financially challenging such as a loss of a job. However, according to Federal Reserve data, only half of workers say they have a rainy-day fund that could cover three […]

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The Impact of Auto Portability on Preserving Retirement Savings Currently Lost to 401(k) Cashout Leakage

Many of the perceived limitations of 401(k) plans were partially dealt with via previous automation practices encouraged by the Pension Protection Act of 2006, including automatic enrollment, auto-escalation, and the utilization of target-date funds as investment options, all of which served to increase participation rates, encourage savings, and optimize asset allocations. Significantly, no effective solution […]

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