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DB Industry Insights

Articles covering relevant trends we are seeing in the defined benefit plan industry and how they may impact your pension plan.

Multi-Employer Plans Experience Improved Funded Status

Milliman presented a mid-year update to their annual Multiemployer Pension Funding Study, based on a survey of 1251 plans as of June 2019. In the first half of the year, multi-employer pension plans saw an improvement in their funded status from 74% at the end of 2018 to 82% at the end of June 2019. […]

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General Electric Freezes Pension Plan in Trend Seen Across Industries

At the end of the third quarter, General Electric Company (GE) announced in a corporate statement that it is freezing benefit accruals in their plan that covers over 20,000 employees with salaried benefits, effective January 2021. In addition, they are planning to offer lump sum payments to over 100,000 former employees not yet in pay […]

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State Pension Plans had a Reprieve in Fiscal 2018

Moody’s Investor Services reported in September that based on their analysis, overall U.S. state “adjusted net liabilities (ANPL) declined in fiscal 2018 due to healthy investment returns” from the previous year. Higher interest rates over that period also contributed to the improvement. Moody’s study ranked states based on their liabilities as a percent of their […]

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