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PEI Launches New Website

Warren, New Jersey (November 21, 2019)—Portfolio Evaluations, Inc. (PEI), an institutional investment and retirement plan consulting firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The new design features a more optimized experience, more user-friendly navigation and an improved interface, now allowing for search bar functionality and a robust library of content.

“PEI’s completely conflict-free business model remains unique in the industry, and we wanted our online presence to reflect that we’re different,” says firm partner Attila Toth. “With a bold, more modernized look, we feel the new site sets us apart from the crowd, and we are thrilled to share it with our clients, partners, visitors and friends,” Attila added.

The new website will be regularly updated with the latest company news, service offerings, accomplishments and awards, as well as with PEI’s continued coverage of the latest retirement plan industry trends and developments. Plan sponsors are encouraged to check it out and sign up for our mailing list, which includes a subscription to our newsletter, the Prudent Press. This quarterly publication informs and educates fiduciaries on legislative, regulatory and investment trends and developments occurring in the retirement plan industry, and our clients have found it highly effective in keeping them up to date on industry best practices. Sign up for it by visiting today.

Portfolio Evaluations, Inc. is a privately-owned consulting firm focused on providing institutional investment and retirement plan consulting services. Founded in 1992, PEI operates in an independent, non-affiliated capacity to provide advice, guidance, direction and education to the fiduciaries of institutional investment programs. Clients include both private and public entities, including corporations, non-profit institutions, endowments & foundations, governments and municipalities, unions and board designated groups. Learn more about us by visiting