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Outsourced CIO Review

PEI provides a wide range of consulting services to fiduciaries helping them to evaluate, select and monitor discretionary managers, often referred to as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). Fiduciaries who have made the decision to delegate the investment management responsibilities to a third party manager are never relieved of their fiduciary duties to monitor the service provider. Many fiduciaries do not possess the resources and time required to select a suitable OCIO or continually monitor the discretionary manager. Common concerns facing fiduciaries include proper performance measurement, reasonability of fees being assessed and the appropriateness of the portfolio’s asset allocation and benchmark. PEI’s in-house expertise and knowledge of industry best practices helps our clients address these concerns and provide ongoing oversight to their OCIO provider.

PEI’s dedicated team also provides clients with assistance in selecting new or replacement discretionary managers. Our approach to selecting and monitoring outsourced investment managers is completely customizable to each of our client’s unique needs. Our wide ranging OCIO provider database allows us to compare providers at a granular level, offering our clients information and insights they would not be able to obtain otherwise. Whether it’s an initial comprehensive portfolio review, ongoing detailed manager oversight, or identification of a new OCIO provider, PEI will design a solution tailored to meet your needs.