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Investment Menu Design & Review

Regulations require plan fiduciaries provide an appropriately diversified set of investment options for the plan’s participants. PEI has developed an approach for defined contribution fund investments to provide participants multiple paths to achieve a diversified lineup. This three-tier lineup is designed to capitalize on different behaviors exhibited be participants when considering an investment strategy. Structuring an investment lineup in such a manner allows participants to choose from a variety of types of options and investment strategies.

For defined benefit plans, PEI provides an ongoing review of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and asset allocation as it relates to the IPS goals and objectives. Should the objectives of the IPS and Committee are the same and the asset allocation falls outside of the target range, PEI then develops appropriate scenarios to address the asset allocation adjustments and works with the Committee to implement the changes.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Seek to optimize each investment menu design based on each client’s specific needs

  • Reduce fiduciary liability through a scheduled review process