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Asset/Liability Analysis

PEI’s asset/liability analysis considers the unique characteristics of each client’s pension plan. We factor in liability risks such as interest rates, price and wage inflation, and longevity. Our strategy is in tune with the various types of financial investment instruments, like bonds and swaps, to master elements of interest rate hedging. Our proven process of customized data collection and validation, sensitivity to capital market variables, and results monitoring facilitate prudent decisions and fiduciary protection.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Developed a comprehensive, multi-step process that uses sophisticated system tools to model various economic scenarios and proprietary methodologies of analysis to deliver customized reporting

  • Are knowledgeable in how to gather the right client-specific data, structure and focus scenarios, and use appropriate strategies to best manage each client’s unique risk sensitivity qualifiers

  • Effectively communicate customized analysis to best meet the needs of the client’s pension, endowment, or foundation

  • Continually monitor and modify scenarios and methodologies to flex to the changing industry and regulatory landscapes