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Asset Allocation Analysis

Each study considers factors unique to each client’s circumstances, such as time horizon, risk tolerance, return expectations, cash flows, and investment parameters across asset classes. Multi-variable analysis is employed, assessing the impact of market conditions on various asset allocation structures and inputs such as contributions/cash inflows and distributions/outflows, while incorporating asset class return forecasts. Ultimately, the analysis assures that the portfolio is aligned with investment objectives and best positioned to achieve desired returns. Through this process, clients become better educated about the multiple factors that can affect the portfolio’s performance.

Our difference is demonstrated in how we:

  • Developed a proprietary methodology to assist in asset modeling and predict portfolio performance

  • Customize each asset allocation approach to meet portfolio goals and liabilities

  • Understand the intricacies and constraints of the asset allocation software and how they impact portfolio construction

  • Illustrate expected cash flows and contribution requirements in different economic scenarios

  • Examine assets as a part of the sum of the entire portfolio rather than view assets in isolation

  • Educate fiduciaries on the benefits and limits of asset allocation modeling