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Company Profile

Portfolio Evaluations, Inc. is a privately-owned consulting firm focused on providing institutional investment and retirement plan consulting services. Founded in 1992, PEI operates in an independent, non-affiliated capacity to provide advice, guidance, direction, and education to the fiduciaries of institutional investment programs. Our independence allows us to serve our clients in a manner that is free from influence from investment management firms, mutual fund companies, broker-dealers, insurance companies and others in the industry.

Because we are not affiliated with any other organization, working with us is very straightforward. We do not overwhelm our clients by layers of organizational structure; they are assigned a team of individuals who are familiar with one another and operate as a cohesive unit for the benefit of the client.

PEI has experienced steady growth since its inception, and currently maintains more than 200 institutional relationships, representing over $70 billion in assets under advisement. Client account values range from less than $10 million to in excess of $4 billion.

Our clients include both private and public entities, including corporations, non-profit institutions, endowments & foundations, governments and municipalities, Taft-Hartley plans, board designated groups, and family groups. 

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