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Our forward-looking approach delivers solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. In so doing, we developed a business model focused on client needs that leverages our collective industry experience, yet allows flexibility to anticipate and adapt to the ever-evolving industry landscape. This model has served as the foundation of our business since inception of the firm.

  • Every solution is customized. We make this happen by:
    • Continually evolving our proprietary systems and regularly monitoring industry trends
    • Tailoring the investment lineup structure to meet each investment objective
    • Employing a unique fee benchmarking philosophy
  • Since investments are dynamic, our team continually assesses and modifies their evaluation methods. This is shown by:
    • Questioning peer-group construction methodologies
    • Evaluating plan fees using institutional peer groups and plan-specific characteristics
    • Employing proprietary analysis of target date funds 
    • Using attribution analysis to confirm a manager’s investment process
    • Accessing the liquidity and credit risks of structured investments
    • Using proprietary methods to optimize defined contribution investment lineups
  • We produce forward-thinking research and commentary. These efforts have contributed to a:
    • Proprietary three-tier investment strategy
    • Customized active/passive peer group modeling practice
    • Unique institutional fee benchmarking philosophy


See how we apply our visionary approach to our services.