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Our industry experience and proven results make us an industry leader. We deliver tangible and positive results to meet or exceed client objectives, while providing fiduciary protection.

  • We are among the largest and most experienced staffs in the industry.*
  • Our firm growth stems from referrals.
  • We have a high annual client retention rate of over 95%.
  • Our clients say they are extremely satisfied.
    • 99% of our clients are satisfied with our services.**
    • 95% of our clients would recommend us to a colleague.**
  •  We are recognized as industry experts.


Our clients have seen success. Here are some examples:

  • A fee benchmarking study assisted the decision for a company to save $1M/year in plan fees.
  • PEI is routinely engaged by 401(k) clients to revamp investment lineups in a participant-centric manner, which has led to more diversification with less funds resulting in better fund performance and lower fees.
  • Engaged by a new client in 2009, PEI conducted a hedge fund-of-funds search after its existing hedge fund-of-funds was forced to close due in part to investments with Bernard Madoff. During this process, the PEI Research Group was complimented by several managers for the thoroughness of our due diligence process for hedge fund-of-funds.
  • PEI analyzed a company’s in-house investment management process, leading to operational efficiencies and improved performance.
  • The CFO of a prominent banking client saw the depth of the research and analysis PEI conducted on the company’s 401(k) plan. He then realized the company did not have the same depth of analysis on the bank’s cash reserves which were invested in money market funds. During the course of analyzing the underlying liquidity and risk of the money market funds, the PEI Research Team was complimented for the thoroughness of our due diligence questionnaires.


See how our proven success and expertise is applied to our services.

* Ann Schleck & Company. “DC Consulting Practice Management Database,” PowerPoint Presentation. 2009.

** Anova Market Research, "PEI Client Satisfaction Study," Survey. May 2017.