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Opal Group’s Investment Trends Summit 2020

Marcia Peters, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, will be a panelist at Opal Group’s Virtual Investment Trends Summit 2020. Marcia will be discussing, “A Global Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Outlook: State of the Global Economy and International Affairs.”

As per their website, “With all that has been happening in the world since the start of 2020 and outbreak of COVID-19, the world is now forced to face many new obstacles today. Some of these obstacles may look familiar and many are all that we have never seen before in our time. This panel will be comprised of heads of global market, economists and geopolitical experts looking at where they think the US and global markets are heading as well as analyzing the potential effects from the 2020 elections approaching.”

For additional information, or to register for the event, click here.