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Opal Group’s 2020 Public Funds Summit

Marcia Peters, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, will be attending the 2020 Public Funds Summit, hosted this year as a virtual event on August 19. Marcia will be moderating a panel discussion on “Practical Tools to Improve Governance, Fiduciary Responsibility & Avoid Conflicts.”

As per their website, “This event will address what has happened in the current financial investment marketplace since the outbreak of COVID-19 as it pertains to Public Pension plans and plan sponsors. We will look at issues that are critical to the investment success of senior public pension fund officers and trustees in the new millennium. Concerns of funding liabilities for beneficiaries in a world of declining returns yet maintaining a balance between the risk/reward paradigms is center in the mind of many trustees and representatives of pension plans around the country. Beyond the investment sphere, we also address legal issues facing pension plans, ethic regulations and the importance of on-going education for plan sponsors and their fiduciaries.”

For additional information, or to register for the event, click here.