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Core Services

PEI works with clients to develop a customized suite of services specifically designed to meet their needs.

Comprehensive Solution, Seamless Delivery

We provide you with the tools and resources needed for building and maintaining an effective retirement plan or investment portfolio, covering fiduciary governance, investment manager due diligence and administrator research and oversight.


An integral component of a prudent fiduciary process is establishing a strong governance program. This includes setting the investment policies, as well as ensuring those policies are being followed and properly documented. Our Fiduciary Consultants act as an extension of your committee to help guide you through this process.


Selecting top-tier investment managers, and then monitoring those managers on an ongoing basis, requires more than just reviewing static data metrics. Our Investment Research Group employs an open-architecture, holistic approach to generate proprietary, forward-looking assessments. We then combine this analyst-level research with portfolio-level analytics to provide you with a selection of top-tier investment managers that work collectively on your behalf to maximize the benefits of risk versus return.


Plan record-keepers and portfolio administrators play an integral role in the custody and execution of your assets, yet many fiduciaries place their oversight at the low end of the priority list. Our Provider Solutions Group brings these vendors back to the forefront by providing you with ongoing research and due diligence of their service offerings, pricing and overall competitiveness in the marketplace.