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8th Annual Tri-State Institutional Virtual Forum

Marcia Peters, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, will be speaking at the 8th Annual Tri-State Institutional Virtual Forum to be held on March 16th – 17th, 2021. Marcia will be participating on the 9:00AM panel, on the first day, discussing (as per the agenda):

Macroeconomic Outlook: Geopolitical Polarization, Late-stage Capitalism, & the Great Reset
The 2008 global financial crisis decided the socioeconomic race to the bottom, crowning one winner—anti-globalism—and exposing neoliberalism as its dirtiest cheater. Following another polarizing presidential election, the novel coronavirus has infected America with a triple crisis, exposing its public health, ecological integration, and economic order as fragile, not to mention the opposite of life-affirming. Could COVID-19 bring the long-theorized Great Reset of capitalism to bear? Our opening session will critique and contrast institutional asset allocation before and after the worldwide pandemic.

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